Fishery Resources of the Caribbean region

US Caribbean

The SEFSC of NOAA has regional the responsibility, within the Federal Government, of providing support to the Caribbean Fisheries Council in matters related to the assessment of fishery resources in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Island. CUFER staff have been collaborating since 2000 with SEFSC scientists in the assessments of conch, spiny lobster and reef fish resources. Collaboration has included contributing to the improvement of the quality of the fishery databases on US Caribbean fisheries held by the SEFSC, preparing scientific documents for the SEDAR process and attending SEDAR and US Caribbean Fishery Council meetings.

The following CUFER staff are currently involved in the Assessment of US Caribbean fishery resources:

Manoj Shivlani

Manoj leads a project assessing marine protected areas in Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

Steve Saul

Steve has been involved in this project since 2004 when he worked on Caribbean fishery databases. Steve has participated in and contributed to the assessment of yellowtail snapper, and Spiny lobster. Steve is now working on developing individual based models to evaluate the usefulness of relative abundance indices derived from fishery data akin to that collected in US Caribbean fisheries.

David Die

David has been involved in the improvement of databases, and the assessments of conch and spiny lobsters.

List of documents contributed by CUFER staff on US Caribbean Fishery Resources

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