Ayeisha Brinson

dsc00988a.JPG I received a B.S from the University of Florida in 2000. I later went on to pursue a M.S from Colorado State University (2002) and work for the U.S. Geological Survey Fort Collins Science Center (2000-2002). I entered the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at the University of Miami in the Fall of 2003. I am interested in the dynamics between people and natural resources. My research evaluates the performance of four fleets that target Atlantic billfish. The results of this study will be used to evaluate the tradeoffs associated with different billfish management strategies. I am also a McKnight Doctoral Fellow and a fellowship recipient of the LMRCSC.

In November 2008, I defended my dissertation, Incorporating artisanal and recreational fishing fleets in Atlantic Billfish Management, and ultimately graduated from the University of Miami in December 2008.

In April 2009, Ayeisha joined the Social Sciences Branch at NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole, MA as an Economist.

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Ayeisha Brinson


Social Sciences Branch

Phone: 508-495-2007