UM Marine and Health Initiative – UM MAHI

The University of Miami’s Marine and Health Initiative, UM MAHI, is a collaborative effort between the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Researchers are working to develop a health and resource management model for coastal residents. Many coastal residents in developing countries rely upon fishing or other marine-related occupations for their livelihood. Many times these residents live in impoverished conditions that include the incidence of both infectious diseases and resource unsustainability. UM MAHI seeks to develop interventions that simultaneously reduce the incidence of infectious diseases and promotes sustainable resource use. The Rosenstiel School collaborators have expertise in coastal fisheries management, governance structures and remote sensing. The Miller School collaborators have expertise in maternal to child HIV transmission reduction, HIV prevention and care and cancer care. The goal of these interventions is to improve the livelihoods of coastal residents. This model is being developed for implementation in the Dominican Republic with hopes of being replicated in other developing countries.

Collaborators include:
Bart Chernow, MD
Hans C. Graber, Ph.D
Michael Kolber, M.D., Ph.D
Charles Mitchell, M.D
JoNell Efantis Potter, Ph.D, RN/ARNP
Scott C. Simmons, M.S.
Edward Trapido, Sc.D.
Liana Talaue-McManus, Ph.D
David J. Die, Ph.D
Ayeisha A. Brinson, M.S.
Mandy Karnauskas