Vallierre Deleveaux

I was born in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. From there I went to Kingston, Jamaica to complete a bachelor’s degree in zoology at the University of the West Indies. I then began work at the Department of Fisheries in The Bahamas in the marine research division. After thirteen years on the job I took leave to begin studies for a M.S. in Marine Affairs and Policy at the University of Miami, which subsequently led to my entering the PhD program at RSMAS in 2003. I am currently researching the impact of climate and management actions on the Red snapper population abundances in the Gulf of Mexico. The Red Snapper stock in the Gulf of Mexico is classified as severely overfished and it remains one of the most intensively managed fisheries in the United States. At the completion of my studies I look forward to returning to The Bahamas to assist in the development of sustainable fisheries there.

Vallierre Deleveaux
University of Miami
Marine Biology and Fisheries
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