Véronique Koch

My love for the ocean began when I was very young, studying animals in tide pools on the beaches of Belgium, and snorkeling with stingrays while on family vacation. I decided to become a marine biologist in junior high school. Not living by the ocean didn’t stop me (I lived first in Toronto, Canada, then in Luxembourg!) and I obtained my bachelor’s degree with honors in marine biology from the University of Stirling, Scotland. I started doing summer work while I was in college, from volunteering for NOAA in Key Largo (working in the underwater habitat, the Aquarius, while helping visiting scientists!) to tracking harbor seals in Santa Cruz, California, to tagging lemon sharks in Bimini. These great experiences eventually led to getting a job at NOAA in Miami. I am currently working at NOAA Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Center, who is funding my Ph.D. RSMAS. I am interested in ecology, particularly delineating essential fish habitat and migration patterns, and reproductive biology and behavior. My current work utilizes acoustic telemetry to tag and track black groupers (Mycteroperca bonaci) in the Florida Keys to understand where they move to, when, and why, and what kind of habitat is important for the survival of this highly sought-after species. Click here to view Véronique’s posts/articles.

Véronique Koch
NOAA Fisheries
75 Virginia Beach Drive
Miami FL 33149
Phone: (305) 361-4483
E-mail: veronique.koch@noaa.gov